Azeroth Blues is the 2nd track and 1st single from Uncle Jesse V. It's a mid-tempo blues rock song about a teenage Sean Spoon and his addiction to World Of Warcraft. Due to the song's age (originally penned by Spoon in 2013), many alternate recordings exist, most notably a slower more somber version which appeared on his Running Out Of Bottled Fairies EP, and an acoustic version posted to his first YouTube channel. The song has become a regular staple of the band's live performances, often used as the opening song, usually after a brief jam.

Lyrics Edit

"Well if you've never tried to get through Stormwind

just to get to the docks.

with a draenei on your Purple Elekk

running 12 FPS at tops.

Well then I don't really give a damn

what kind of games you play.

Because you still don't know shit

about a rage quit.

Well i tried to get out and have a social life

but it never really worked out well.

The other kids don't like me, I don't fit in, if you couldn't tell.

But now I found the world of Azeroth and I don't think I'll ever leave

World Of Warcraft, what have you done to me.

Music Video Edit

The music video for Azeroth Blues features Sean Spoon performing on a fictional cable-access show hosted by Maxwell Overdrive (Portrayed by B. Maxwell Ovitsky). The show opens with the second half of a performance by Super Massive Bong Hit Face Disappear (Portrayed by Christian Harrison and Megan Conti). The duo finishes their song and Max sets up and introduces the next act. Spoon then begins performing the song in his wizard robe and hood. backed by a green screen footage of World Of Warcraft. During the second verse, Spoon's hood falls down and a disembodied hand (belonging to Thom Weiser) pulls it all the way off, revealing a hideous bowl cut.

Other Versions Edit

  • 1st Demo (Unreleased)
  • Acoustic (Unreleased)
  • Slow Version (Running Out Of Bottled Fairies EP, Rick's Mix Of Tasty-Ass Demos)
  • 2nd Demo (My Life As a Punchlineless Joke. Rick's Mix Of Tasty-Ass Demos)

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