Fartknocker Anthems Mixtape EP is the first EP by Uncle Jesse 2.0. It is a collaborative release featuring vocals from Trial Of The Golden Witch frontman, Conrad "Digibro" Collins. The album was created over the course of two days and consisted of stolen instrumentals of rap songs with the trio (Chrissy The Pope was absent) improvising performances.

Tracks Edit

  1. You Can't Dance (But I'm Bob With Bitch Tits) - 14:27
  2. Undearwear Fetish (Christmas Valley Dreams) - 03:28
  3. Ripped Pants (Shit Shit Poo) - 04:01
  4. Fuck, Shit, God (Attempt) - 03:21
  5. What Weed Do (Oh God Why Ever) - 20:57

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