Fartknocker Anthems Mixtape is a collaborative EP by Uncle Jesse 2.0 & Trial Of The Golden Witch.

The EP was initially assembled during sessions for TOTGW's second full-length LP Gay & Dead (Which Uncle Jesse 2.0 drummer Thom Weiser co-produced). Between takes, TOTWG frontman Conrad "Digibro" Collins, along with Weiser and Sean Spoon began freestyle rapping over popular hip-hop instrumentals to amuse themselves. After one-too-many Modelo's, the three began recording and by the next morning, an EP of regrets was created. Uncle Jesse bassist Isabelle Harrison was not present.

Tracklist Edit

  1. You Can't Dance (But I'm Bob With Bitch Tits) - 14:27
  2. Undearwear Fetish (Christmas Valley Dreams) - 03:28
  3. Ripped Pants (Shit Shit Poo) - 04:01
  4. Fuck, Shit, God (Attempt) - 03:21
  5. What Weed Do (Oh God Why Ever) - 20:57

Personnel Edit

  • Sean "$cr00bl0rd" Spoon - vocals
  • Conrad "Digibro" Collins - vocals
  • Thom Weiser - vocals, engineering