Oedipussy Galore is the debut studio album by Uncle Jesse & The Rippers. It was released September 22, 2012 on bandcamp.    

Background Edit

The album was recorded on a cell phone in drummer Thom Weiser's parents garage. After a 24 hour Full House & McDouble marathon, the trio recorded 30 minutes of improvisational nonsense and split it randomly into 18 separate tracks. Drummer Thom Weiser then named each track and uploaded the album to bandcamp. The artwork was created by Thom Weiser and features bassist Isabelle Harrison performing full frontal fuck on lead vocalist Sean Spoon with the face of Full House actor John Stamos mangled and warped on top of theirs.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Walking Fucked and Blind (Part 1) - 03:29
  2. Walking Fucked and Blind (Part 2) - 01:47
  3. Sticky Fingers - 02:53
  4. Matthew Barney Is a Racist - 00:51
  5. WATCH JUDGE JUDY - 00:18
  6. Kesha #2 - 01:13
  7. Kancer Is Kool - 01:21
  8. JFKFC - 00:53
  9. Untitled 1 - 00:38
  10. A Reptile Dysfunction - 02:09
  11. Untitled 3 - 01:13
  12. School is for Cool And Uncool People Alike - 01:40
  13. I Love Her, Kate. Just Deal With It! - 02:02
  14. Prank Call 911, Seriously, I Dare You - 02:05
  15. Science - 02:15
  16. Untitled 2 - 02:35
  17. Walking Fucked and Blind (Part 3) - 02:33
  18. Thank You - 00:04

Personnel Edit

  • Sean Spoon (Credited as Jesse Spoon) - Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Isabelle Harrison (Credited as Chrissy The Pope) - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Electric Guitar
  • Thom Weiser (Credited as Toto The Fuck Elf) - Drums, Percussion, Drum Machine, Sound Effects

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only album to feature Weiser & Spoon's original aliases, Jesse Spoon & Toto The Fuck Elf, respectively.
  • Elements of the song Dammit by Blink-182 are interpolated throughout the recording.
  • Many of the song titles, such as "JFKFC" and "A Reptile Dysfunction", were originally suggested as band names.
  • A short interview with the band was filmed immediately after the completion of the album, but was never released. It is rumored to contain footage of Sean Spoon snorting rock salt and the band members covered in shaving cream with duct tape on their nipples.
  • Benjamin Morse is credited in the original bandcamp description as providing "fucks & fartmachines" to the album. The description also features fake reviews from ridiculous fictional agencies such as "Barbarian Astronaut Monthly", "Munchy Magazine", and The Needle Drop.