Songs In Every Key Except A Minor is the 2nd album by Uncle Jesse 2.0 (formerly, Uncle Jesse & The Rippers).

The album was recorded in 1 day at Sean Spoon's dad's living room and is the first Uncle Jesse album to feature contributions from Maxwell Payne Danger Adventure Warp Speed Overdrive.

Tracks Edit

  1. Conan Is a Fucking Tool (Fallon Intro) - 00:30
  2. Ice Road Truckers Gave Me Nightmares - 7:24
  3. Another Game On The Shelf (pt's 1, 2 & 3) - 8:04
  4. Objective Truths - 00:55
  5. I Didn't Come Here To Fap - 03:41
  6. Short People - 06:40
  7. My Dads Generation (He Drives a Fucking Miata) - 01:52
  8. Bob Saget - 04:00
  9. Whoopass - 08:53
  10. FJS (Borrowed From The Bloodhound Gang For Personal Use) - 01:41
  11. With A Little Help From My Ice Road Nightmares - 04:24

Personnel Edit

  • Sean Spoon - Lead Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar.
  • Brian Vagina - Drum Machine, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals, Piano, Chord Organ, Harmonica.
  • Maxwell Ovedrive - Bass Guitar, Percussion, Toy Piano.

Trivia Edit

  • All drums for the album we're produced using a Yamaha YPG 300 Keyboard owned by Sean Spoon.
  • The toy piano heard throughout the album was operated by Maxwell Overdrive, using his foot.
  • This is the first album to feature Sean Spoon's "Dumb Mother Fucker" guitar.
  • The album was originally meant to be self-titled, but was changed at the last minute.
  • The name "Songs In Every Key Except A Minor" is a play on the album "Songs In A Minor" by Alicia Keys.

Original Liner Notes Edit

"two long years after the release of their magnanimous drug-addled debut album, Uncle Jesse and The Rippers found themselves in turmoil. their fame and excess had become such a problem that original bassist Crissy "The Pope" Harrison left the band to pursue a career as a botanist or some boring shit. 
meanwhile Toto and Jesse fought over creative control. 
after a year long schism of communication both parties settled their differences and decided they were ready to put their minds to making more music. 

Together, with new bassist Maxwell "All Them Names" Overdrive 
they returned to the studio to finally record their coveted sophomore album . They never thought it would be considered their greatest work, they didnt know the international celebrity status that awaited them 

Songs in Every Key Except A Minor truly is a classic in that respect.
released August 6, 2014 
Sean "Jesse" Spoon: vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar 

Brian Vagina: drum machine, electric guitar, synthesizer, vocals, foot piano, chord organ, harmonica 

Maxwell Pain-Danger-Adventure-Extreme-Gunther-Warpspeed-Overdrive III: bass guitar, percussion, toy piano"

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