Uncle Jesse V is 5th album by Uncle Jesse 2.0 and their second double album.

Much of the material of Uncle Jesse V was lifted from two aborted side projects, a rock album titled Our Lives as Punchlineless Jokes and a hip-hop mixtape titled Rhythmically Abled Prick Projecting Excrement Rhymes. The album tells a loose narrative about an exaggerated version of lead vocalist and guitarist Sean Spoon and his deteriorating mental state.

Much like Fullest Houses, V is split into two distinct halves. The first half (usually referred to as Punchlineless Joke) is comprised mostly of rock songs and deals with Spoon's increasing suicidal thoughts and self-deprecation. Most of the material for this half was composed in 2015 with Spoon & Weiser's new band at the time, How About No (though some songs like Azeroth Blues have existed since 2014). Many of the songs on this half take a much more serious slant, with a lot of time taken care in the arrangement. The album's second movement (titled R.A.P.P.E.R) is an abrasive onslaught of heavy beats odd samples, screechy guitar noise and profane lyrics detailing with everything from workplace massacres to similarities between the album's protagonist and one Marshall Mathers, Most of the material for this half was composed in mid 2016 during downtime at Spoon's hydroponics job. It was originally intended to be a conceptual mixtape about an annoying racist drug addled psychotic courtesy clerk who loses his only side-gig, DJ-ing a local radio station, to a computer. Eventually the character was toned down and the material was adapted to fit the new story of V, though most of this original material can be heard on Nihilism Memes (Demos 2014 - 2017).

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  1. Uncle Jesse 2.0 (Intro) - 01:18
  2. Azeroth Blues - 04:21
  3. RNJesus - 04:53
  4. Lightning Claymore +5 (Off To The Skeleton War) - 05:23
  5. Dear Ringo - 07:08
  6. Killing Myself Ironically - 02:33
  7. Do Me A Solid (Killing Myself Actually) - 05:46
  8. Haulin' Oats - 02:52
  9. Zero Out Of Ten - 04:01
  10. My Life As a Punchlineless Joke - 02:50
  11. The Metamorphosis Of a Shitty Rock Band - 07:37
  12. R.A.P.P.E.R. (Interlude) - 00:45
  13. My Name Isn't Important - 04:30
  14. Jumping The Shark - 03:34
  15. Freestyle 5 (ft. Trial Of The Golden Witch) - 01:24
  16. Use This - 03:28
  17. Going Postal - 03:27
  18. Lynch Me (ft. YUNG MINCCINO) - 05:11
  19. Objective Truths (Part 4) - 02:43
  20. Disrespect - 04:03
  21. 21 (Dream) - 08:15
  22. I'm Not Shady (Outro) - 06:21

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