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Uncle Jesse 2.0Edit

Uncle Jesse 2.0 (formerly Uncle Jesse & The Rippers) is the self-proclaimed worst band in the world, they have released numerous self recorded autobiographical and deeply problematic albums and have earned exactly no friends doing it.

Formed in Aloha, OR in 2012 by Sean Spoon, Thom Weiser and Isabelle Harrison, Uncle Jesse & The Rippers was initially created to mock their high school, who had disqualified Spoon and Weiser's previous band The Eyeballs in their Battle of The Bands competition the year prior. The plan was to enter the next competition as The Eyeballs performing a normal song, but when they went out on stage they would introduce themselves as Uncle Jesse & The Rippers and beat on their instruments nonsensically. The plan was foiled, however, when the trio found out that their school had outright cancelled the Battle of The Bands. Despondent after a 24 hour Full House & McDouble marathon the trio recorded 30 minutes of improvisational nonsense on Spoon's cell phone. The long recording was split into individual tracks by Weiser at random times and given absurd song titles. The groups first album Oedipussy Galore was released the next evening and the trio split up, never intending to reform. By 2013 the working relationship between Weiser and Spoon had deteriorated completely. While Spoon was attempting to make headway with various bands, Weiser and Harrison formed a jazz duo called the Free Shelter Club and recorded a 7 track demo titled Father, Son and Holy Fuck. By early 2014 Spoon had a string of self-recorded albums under his legal name, starting with the EPs Running Out Of Bottled Fairies and Tales From Foreclosureland and ending with his first "full length" LP Kokiri Burnout.

Impressed by his growth as a songwriter, Weiser reached out to Spoon and the two began to repair their friendship and soon Uncle Jesse & The Rippers was reformed with bassist B Maxwell Ovitsky (Maximum Payne Danger Adventure Warp-Speed Overdrive) replacing Harrison, who declined to participate due to her newfound interest in botany. Songs In Every Key Except A Minor was recorded in one day at Sean's fathers house in Beaverton, and featured a slightly altered lineup, with Weiser taking over lead guitar instead of drums. The album was a notable shift in style, with the band performing short original songs and covers alongside bouts of improvised nonsense. Just 6 months later the trio reconvened at Weiser's parents house in Aloha to record their third album, Triforcing My Dick In Your Mouth. The album featured an even heavier focus on covers and was the group's first double album. Due to the grueling recording sessions for Triforcing, the trio decided to take a short break and focus on more serious material. Weiser and Spoon formed How About No with keyboardist Marilyn Baumer and began working on an album tentatively titled Slightly Less Good: The Musical and later renamed Our Lives As Punchlineless Jokes. However due to scheduling conflicts and inner tension How About No dissolved and Spoon & Weiser decided instead to shift focus back to Uncle Jesse & The Rippers, which they felt had become too predictable.

In summer 2015 Weiser and Spoon began working in total isolation from each other on the next Uncle Jesse project. Fullest Houses was conceived as a two part album in a parody of Death Grips' 2015 album The Powers that B. The first half No Dave, No Deal was produced entirely by Weiser in his girlfriend's dorm room on his iPhone 4s. The album is mostly instrumental features an array of harsh noisy hypnotic dance tracks and weird sonic experiments, the monologue rant at the beginning of the album being the only time Spoon's voice is heard. Spoon's half, Jesse Death which featured additional albeit limited input from Ovitsky, was comparatively softer in tone and featured more prominent vocals.It also marked the bands first use of rapped vocals, something that would become more and more prominent as the years went on. Recording for the album finished in September and Weiser left Aloha for the nearby city of Corvallis. He periodically made trips to Aloha to visit the members and work on mixing, but for all intents and purposes, Uncle Jesse was broken up. They announced that Fullest Houses would be their final album and released it on Christmas Day of 2015.

During his routine visits, Weiser recorded a series of collaborative albums under his Brian Vagina alias with each member of Uncle Jesse individually, this would result in Meme Spagetu, Whup Out My Dick and Killa Bitch, and Killing 60 Minutes all being released within the same week, followed shortly by Spoon's Chelsea EP and Shitcore Epikyra under his $c00bl0rd name. Eventually Weiser & Spoon grew tired of working separately and combined forces once more on a hip-hop project titled Rhythmically Abled Prick Projecting Excrement Rhymes. Then, during a manic episode on a camping trip, Weiser came up with the idea of combining the rock and folk songs they had abandoned with How About No with these new rap songs into one long multi-genre double album. At first Spoon was hesitant, but with a lot of nagging he eventually agreed to the ludicrous concept. The two recruited original bassist Isabelle Harrison and played a series of secret shows under false names (Piss Poor & The Shitty Beatles, Sean Spoon & The Generic Backing Band etc.) to test the new material live. The shows were a smashing success and in September 2016 Weiser moved back to Aloha and recording began. By February 2017 the band had released a music video for Azeroth Blues and announced they were changing their name from Uncle Jesse & The Rippers to Uncle Jesse 2.0, due to the increased popularity of the name and its use among other novelty and comedy bands. Progress on the next album was still slow, however, due to Spoon's intense work schedule and deteriorating mental state. In March 2017 Spoon suffered a total mental breakdown fueled by stress, Mondo Burritos and Alex Jones. After a series of terroristic threats on facebook against the globalists he was visited by local law enforcement who delivered him a warning. That summer the band recorded a collaborative EP with Trial Of The Golden Witch, with whom Weiser had worked previously on their album Gay & Dead. The EP, titled Fartknocker Anthems Mixtape featured Spoon and Trial frontman Conrad "Digibro" Collins freestyle-rapping over existing looped instrumentals from Drake and Kanye to Saliva. In fall of 2017 after a disasterous road trip to Vegas, Weiser made a final push to finish the album and on November 25th, his birthday, the band released their 5th album, Uncle Jesse V.

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Past Members Edit

  • B Maxwell Ovitsky
  • Marilyn Baumer
  • Becky "Aunt Becky" Weiser

Frequent Collaborators Edit

  • Megan Conti
  • Chloe K. Grey aka YUNG MINCCINO
  • Jared Stroeve
  • Jared Vance aka Star Blade
  • Jordan Michael Rapp
  • Kevin Altorfer
  • Adam Rae
  • Benjamin Morse
  • Ishmael Bebop
  • Conrad Collins aka Digibro

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